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The Endocrinology and Nutrition category welcomes the receipt of highly impactful manuscripts on any topic relevant to endocrinology or nutrition. Of particular interest are original research articles and timely reviews on topics that would be of widespread interest. In the field of endocrinology, we welcome novel findings related to the actions of hormones on their target tissues and new findings related to clinical endocrine disorders. These include but are not limited to findings regarding hormone receptors and their signaling pathways, developmental changes in endocrine function, identification or clarification of hormone functions, targeted deletions of genes important to endocrine function, and nutritional factors impacting endocrine function and diseases of the endocrine system. In the area of nutrition, original manuscripts on metabolism, nutrigenomics, nutritional biochemistry, food safety, clinical nutrition, nutritional impacts upon the risk of developing or the treatment of specific diseases (e.g., cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease), the microbiome, and nutrition/aging/health are particularly welcomed. However, there will be reduced interest in articles addressing eating disorders, food policy, and sports nutrition.

Associate Editors

Nancy Turner, PhD, Michigan State University, USA

Review Editors

Clint Allred, PhD, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA

Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD, University of Tennessee, USA

Gabrielle Page-Wilson, MD, Columbia University, USA

Weiqun (George) Wang, PhD, Kansas State University, USA

Malcom Watford, PhD, Rutgers University, USA

Demin Cai, PhD, Yangzhou University, China (NEW)

Chia Shan Wu, Texas A&M University

Advisory board and editorial team

SEBM’s Publications Committee and EBM’s Editorial Board provides strategic and professional advice to the Editor-in-Chief, Dr Steven Goodman. The journal recognises the following Editorial Board members for their continuous guidance and support of the journal: 


Steven R. Goodman, PhD, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN, USA

Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

Benjamin Zimmer, Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, Washington D.C., USA

Africa Editor

Gordon Awandare, PhD, University of Ghana, Africa

Asia Editor

Shaw-Jeng Tsai, PhD, National Cheng-Kung University Medical College, Taiwan

Latin America Editor

Nicola Conran, PhD, University of Campinas, Brazil

Europe Editor

Farzin Farzaneh, PhD, King's College London, UK

Australia/Oceana Editor

Dr. Sulev Koks, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

The full editor list for EBM can be found here.

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    Exp. biol. med.

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    3.2 Impact Factor

    5.3 CiteScore

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EBM provides online free gold open access to the journal and all of its research publications.

Open Access funder and institutional mandates: EBM is fully compliant with open access mandates, by publishing its articles under the Creative Commons Attribution license  (CC-BY). Funder mandates such as those by the Wellcome Trust (UK), National Institutes of Health (USA) and the Australian Research Council (Australia) are fully compatible with publishing in EBM. Authors retain copyright of their work and can deposit their publication in any repository. The work can be freely shared and adapted provided that appropriate credit is given and any changes specified.


Each EBM article strives for the highest quality, thanks to genuinely collaborative interactions between authors, editors and reviewers. EBM encourages authors to consult the instructions for authors guidelines prior to submission.


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